Bad Mojo - Late Introduction EP

Third release on Splash Recordings belongs to Bad Mojo - one of the label bosses and relentless Slovak producer - and his first EP called 'Late Introduction'. Why 'Late Introduction'?

"I have started to work on both of the tracks from the EP back in 2008 and 2009 and planned to release them immediatelly. Easier said than done; I just finished and released them now. Well, better late than never!"

First track, Piano Tune is a rave banger built on a familiar piano sample. After a melodic intro with awful reference to the 90's, the track moves to a much wilder fidget part and reaches its climax in the breakdown, which caused havoc on countless dancefloors.

The latter, B-side track Fidget Ladies reminds us the golden era of fidget house. "Fidget Ladies is one of the first tracks I made under the alias Bad Mojo and it's my first fidget house track ever. I wasn't sure if release is a good idea, but the track just wanted to see the light of the world so badly..."
Bad Mojo | myspace | soundcloud | facebook

The remixes are completely Czech affair.

Felix!, Prague based dj and remixer based his remix of 'Piano Tune' on the melodic parts of the original track. If the wilderness of the original is not your cup of tea, then this remix might suit your taste better.

Mickey The Kid from Brno changed 'Piano Tune' into a high-energy electro banger. Rave nostalgia fades away and makes place for killer bassline and insane melody, which destroys any soundsystem by choice.
Mickey The Kid | myspace | soundcloud | facebook

Also from Brno, dj Cuffia has added liveliness into 'Fidget Ladies' using organic sounds and deep house bassline. Very fresh and tasty!

Dirty Little Toaster, author of previous EP on Splash Rec. puts his trademark sound into the dark dubstep remix of 'Fidget Ladies' which is closing the whole EP.
Dirty Little Toaster | soundcloud | facebook

Tracklist :
01. Piano Tune (Original Mix)
02. Fidget Ladies (Original Mix)
03. Piano Tune (Felix! Remix)
04. Piano Tune (Mickey The Kid Remix)
05. Fidget Ladies (Cuffia Remix)
06. Fidget Ladies (Dirty Little Toaster Remix)


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