Felix! - Again EP

Musical career of Prague's tom-cat Felix! is going on quite well - he has a couple of residencies, he has played at almost every club in Czech Republic and Slovakia, and he isn't even missed in line-ups of big summer festivals. He is doing well also as a producer - he has done a couple of remixes and club edits. The last missing piece he was waiting for was the first original track. And now, finally, the wait is over.

If you are watching Felix! more closely, you have definitely spotted some kind of a duality. On one hand, there is Felix! playing energetic sets full of electro, stomping beats and club hits. On the other hand, there is Felix! loving cosmic disco, slower bpm and intense emotions. His first track 'Again' has something of both - pumping dance beat rolling on 128 bpm, which will not let you sit in the corner, but also melodic soundscapes taking you far far away. Just close your eyes and dance!

  Felix! - Again EP by Splash Recordings

Remixes represent the central european region very well - the track was remixed in Berlin by Tvyks, in Prague by DJ Tuco, in Brno by Cuffia, in Bratislava by Bad Mojo and in Košice by Embryo. Everyone has delivered very own version of Felixes material: Splash boys hold their standard quality - Embryo delivered Chicago-house tune (suprisingly no acid) and Bad Mojo delivered broken beat uk funky track (suprisingly deep). Cuffia has gone experimental and delivered very fresh remix, and DJ Tuco on the other hand went old school with remix sounding very ghetto-housy, ravey and acidy. And Tvyks, well, defys all style definitions and is - as allways - very on point.

Tracklist :
01. Felix! - Again (Original Mix)
02. Felix! - Again (Bad Mojo Remix)
03. Felix! - Again (Cuffia Remix)
04. Felix! - Again (Embryo Remix)
05. Felix! - Again (DJ Tuco Remix)
06. Felix! - Again (Tvyks Remix)

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