Mitewort - Take Them All EP

Slovakia - unfortunatelly - is not a country with a lot of bass music producers. Yet there are names with a potential to get recognized with quality production even behind our borders. We belive that one of them is Šimon Slobodník aka Mitewort who definitely belongs to one of our most interesting young talents. Even his first attempts on production cought our ears with modern sound and reflection of current club trends - so it was only a question of (short) time, when an offer for an EP landed in his inbox.

Three original tracks (and one bonus) on EP 'Take Them All' showcase Mitewort's creative output to date. Title track 'Take Them All' is an example of modern bass music with resemblance to production of Boddika or Pearson Sound. On the other hand in 'Lights Off' he references oldschool sounds by using heavy 808 bass, rims and claps with a low pitched male vocal - an ideal combination for the floor.

'Dogmatic' uncovers melancholic and deep side of Mitewort. Deep intorduction chords are drowned by a huge bass only to release the tension with a calm section, which leads the listener to yet another bass storm. And fragile bonus track 'Liquid' is really just the well-known icing on the cake. A perfect combination of vocals from two remix contests, interesting bassline and unconvetional samples create an engaging mood of the final track.

EP for Splash Recordings in definitely only the begining for Šimon. He has already a remix out on americal label #FEELINGS and soon he will be releasing a track on the compilation of finninsh label Top Billin, so his talent might finally get the recognition it deserves. We believe, that there are big things ahead for his and again we won't be hiding our excitement, that at the begining there is release 'Take Them All'. Watch out for this one!

Tracklist :
01. Mitewort - Take Them All (Original Mix)
02. Mitewort - Lights Off (Original Mix)
03. Mitewort - Dogmatic (Original Mix)
04. (Bonus) Mitewort - Liquid (Original Mix)

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