AC Slater - Play The Record Again

"... I don't know which came first.
Shitty rave music, or the drugs.
I wonder if was just these, these non-music fuckheads,
who were, you know, sitting in their house one day,
and they dicked aroud on the Macintosh, and they go...

... Here put that on white label, 12" inch
and send it to the clubs.
'Wow man - you are brilliant!
We'll put you on the cover of NME
You are funkin genius, man, you are funkin genius.'
Oh wow, It's jungle, trance, hip-hop, fuckin shit music.

So you make music that shitty.
And evryone sits and there and goes : 'God this SUCKS!'
No no, take these drugs."

AC Slater - Play The Record Again (priamy link)


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